Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bob’s Antique & Classic Cars Part 10 – 1926 Harley-Davidson

1926 Harley-Davidson Model B
Photo by Kate Tompkins
Yet another piece of Bob’s collection. According to its plaque, this 1926 Harley-Davidson Model B has a 350cc single cylinder engine, and could do 60 mph, with 80 mpg (presumably not simultaneously). While not the very rare 1926 “peashooter” Model S, which was built specifically for racing, the plaque says this particular Model B was also used for racing.

Bonhams say that the 1926 model year was the first year Harley-Davidson produced racing bikes with the 350cc engine to take advantage of a new racing class. The exhaust on the Model S made a popping sound, giving it the “peashooter” nickname, which spread to the road models as well.

Information seems scarce on these motorcycles—as scarce as the bikes themselves. You can read here about a collector who managed to find both the chassis and engine of the 9th Model S.

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