Friday, September 9, 2016

1928 Classic Bugatti Plus a Rant

1928 Bugatti
Photo by Kate Tompkins
As I said in my last post, when we were in Quebec City last fall, my sister and I spotted a classic Bugatti in the courtyard of the Chateau Frontenac. I’m assuming from the license plate that’s it a 1928. I’ve looked online to try and identify the model, but I’m no expert. It’s not like I’ve seen that many Bugattis. The closest match seems to be a 43 or 43A Grand Sport, unless it’s a Tecla 35A with the wheels changed. You can find photos and specs on many classic Bugattis on the Bugatti Trust website.

1928 Bugatti
Photo by Kate Tompkins
We discussed it with the Morgan owner on the tour bus with us. He said it was possible it was a tribute car, but he did know someone associated with the Morgan tour who had a Bugatti. I don’t think it was a clone, not only because of where it was parked (in the courtyard, in a space clearly marked “reserved parking”) but the fact that its parking spot had been roped off, as if it was something special.

A pretty clear indication of “hands off,” you might think. Apparently not, because in the short time we were there, several women hopped over the rope and posed beside the car so their friends could take photos. Some of them even touched it. Grrr. I’m seeing this more and more often at car shows, spectators roaming around and posing with their hand on the door handle or the mirror, etc. Do they not know any better (it’s easy to scratch paint with a button or belt buckle, and the oil on our hands ruins the polishing job) or do they just not care? Grrr.

1928 Bugatti
Photo by Kate Tompkins
Unfortunately, my best photo has three of these culprits in it, so I’ve cropped and fuzzed to protect the guilty.

Sweet car, though.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Morgans over America

Morgan at Chateau Frontenac, Quebec
Photo by Kate Tompkins
Last September, my sister and I were in Quebec City doing the tourist thing. While walking around, over the course of the day, I spotted several Morgans. Possibly the same car more than once, but given there was a green one, a red one, and a blue one, at least three. Obviously that was unusual, as I’ve only ever seen a Morgan outside of a car show once before and that was at a wedding. Something was definitely going on.

So when we were on the double-decker bus for a tour the next day and the man who sat in front of us was wearing a baseball cap with the logo “Morgans Over America,” we asked him what it was about. Turns out it was a road tour (Morgans Over America VI) by a group of Morgan owners, and we just happened to be there the two days they were in Quebec City.

Oddly enough, there’s not much information on this online, though I did find a BLOG by the organizers of the tour—lots of photos, though several days of the tour aren’t covered. According to the official announcement back in November 2011, the trip would take 38 days and pass through 14 states and 5 provinces. Twenty Morgans and their owners from the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, France, New Zealand and Australia ended up participating. The tour started in Savannah, Georgia, on September 10, 2015, and continued for 5000 miles through 16 other locations, including several in eastern Canada, before winding up in Norfolk, Virginia, on October 18. An average day’s travel was said to be 100-200 miles, so there was lots of time for sightseeing and meeting up with other car clubs. Sounds like my idea of a road trip!

You’d think someone who owns a Morgan would be pretty blasé about classic cars, but you should have seen the look on his face when we told him we’d spotted a classic Bugatti in the hotel parking lot where they were staying. If he hadn’t been waiting for someone else to join him on the bus, I think he would have jumped off and gone to take a look.

The Morgan Sports Car Club of Canada website looks like a good resource for British car events in Canada, not just Morgans.

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