Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hostelling in Vintage Style at Bonn’s BaseCamp

Love vintage campers or sleeper trains, or just looking for a camping fix in February? You might want to check into BaseCamp at Bonn, Germany. This “young hostel” has several campers (including 2 Airstreams, and 2 VW minibuses) and 2 original night sleeper trains, all sheltered in a former warehouse. There’s even a tent perched atop a Trabant. Bed and breakfast are included—the price varies with the rooms. There are also areas for socializing, a food truck and beer garden just outside, and places to get snacks and drinks inside. Looks like a great place for groups, or people who like people. Otherwise things are a bit cheek by jowl and I expect it could be quite noisy. You can check out the reviews on Trip Adviser if you want to stay.

Each trailer has its own theme, put together by German television and film set designer Marion Seul. Among them are Brit-themed Big Ben, the Houseboat, the Hunter’s Hut (popular among the videos I checked out), and the Space Shuttle. Each has been decorated inside and out—there’s a seating area in front of each camper.

Unfortunately, while everyone talks about the campers’ themes, I couldn’t find any information about the campers themselves. I’d like information on make and year, but all I know is they’re “vintage.”

Here’s a tour (in English) by someone who stayed there. It’s a bit long, but let’s you see many of the trailers from the outside, the eating facilities, and the inside of one of the sleepers.

And here’s a quick overview of the site in German.

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